About 28 pieces of fruit both local and exotic. By eating more varied fruit, your body also gets more types of nutrients and vitamins.

We take care of your FruitBox with great care and love.

Every day we test and taste what is tasty because the seasons change every year.


-There may be something you don't know, that is the intention, go exploring and be surprised.

-And if something is not included, it is far too expensive, not in season or not tasty enough. Enjoy it.

-Do you have too much: Share with your neighbors, friends or family, or make a smoothie.


Choose with your order for pick up or delivery:

-Pick up Industrielaan 83 Maasmechelen (B.) Every day from 10:00 to 17:00 (Monday from 14:00)

-Delivery is currently only possible in Lanaken, Maasmechelen and Maastricht.

And we are going to expand ...

Our mission is your health. Also take a look at our other Boxes. With two Boxes the delivery costs are free.



-Isn't the box your fruit is in new? That saves cutting trees again, because then we would have given an existing box a second life.

-Do you have too much, share with friends, family, neighbors or make smoothies.

-Tip: Before you go to checkout with your online shopping cart, you can also add something like a shot bottle of ginger or turmeric.

-Tip: Order together with your neighbors, friends or family because the delivery costs are free from 2 boxes.

-We do not want you to decrease as much as possible, because we are against food waste. We encourage you to purchase together with your neighbors or family because there will be fewer cars to drive. In this way we help together to better protect our plan.

-Warranty and Refund Policy:

Refunds are impossible and are not required by law because they are "live" fresh products. This "Reflection period" is mandatory for shoes, for example.

You have a guarantee: We select strictly on quality and fill your boxes with love and the utmost care. However, something can go wrong, which happens all over the world with fruit products. We are proud to announce that we receive 1% complaints. And our aim is even less. How does the warranty work: You send us a photo (within 12 hours) of what is wrong to: bananenboxer@live.nl. You will receive a new product from us or you will be refunded: if you opt for the latter, please include your IBAN number.

-Privacy and AVR: We are not a large company but ordinary "market people" We do not work with cookies and your data will not be provided to third parties. No one else has access to your data.